Frequently Asked Questions

Check your phone, your email inbox and ‘’Spam/Junk mail’’ box.
Kindly make sure there is internet connectivity on the device been used. (Use Mozilla Firefox or Google chrome browser for best resolutions).
Click or Copy the Link into your system browser e.g. google chrome and Mozilla fire Fox and press “Enter” to start browsing
Kindly type in the password correctly, ensure you are using the case sent to you for the password because it is case sensitive. Also make sure that numeric “zero” is used and not Alphabet (o) and numeric “one” instead of Alphabet (i).
You are only allowed to vote once.
Kindly log into the portal, read through the voting instruction and follow the voting procedures.
Immediately you click on “Submit vote” Button for your selected candidates, a receipt with reference code will be generated as evidence which is also sent to your registered email address and phone Number.
Follow the voting instruction and start again. Note that the voting portal timeout after 20 minutes of inactivity. Note that password can be used as many times as possible throughout the election period.
Don't have password? click GENERATE PASSWORD
If you already have a password please proceed to SIGN IN

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